Your Friday Playlist: The Best of Wes Anderson

Elvire Audi - February 25, 2017

This week, let’s take a tour through Wes Anderson’s magical world, surrounded by his rock’n’roll soundtrack, with a touch of French love (I’m biased, perhaps, but Anderson definitely has a thing for France - Hotel Chevalier and Moonrise Kingdom are just a couple examples upon many). To celebrate his return with Isle of Dogs coming very soon (fingers crossed), let’s dive in the Rolling Stones, Francoise Hardy and Seu Jorge taking on David Bowie, and come on, let’s shag ass. If Royal Tennenbaum can say it, why not us too? So, soak up the sun and dance away!

Elvire Audi

Elvire Audi is a senior in the College, double majoring in Cinema Studies and Intellectual History, from Paris, France. She recently started writing for the MovieGoer in order to have a new excuse to watch even more films. Her favorite directors include Wes Anderson, Federico Fellini, Martin Scorsese and Yasujiro Ozu.