Review: A Simple Favor

September 21, 2018 - Victoria Zhang

Twists and turns abound in *A Simple Favor*, the mommy-vlogger mystery thriller starring Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, and Henry Golding, and directed by Paul Feig. Cleverly written and peppered with black comedy throughout, watching all the story threads come together at the final climax is immensely rewarding, even if not everything is clear even after the credits start rolling.

Recap: The Good Place Season 1

September 15, 2018 - Hannah Lazar

The plot follows a woman named Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell), who has died and gone to The Good Place, where only the best of humanity ends up...except she’s not one of humanity’s best. In fact, she’s more of an average person, with very selfish tendencies, and now has to figure out how to hide her true identity in a series of escalating hijinks and conflicts.

On Crazy Rich Asians and Asian American Representation

September 13, 2018 - Victoria Zhang

Crazy Rich Asians came into theatres with no small amount of hype.

Review: I Feel Pretty

April 27, 2018 - Sydney Judge

While I Feel Pretty has an important message to send, it's not enjoyable to watch the same jokes play out repeatedly.

M.I.A.’s Reputation in 2018

April 18, 2018 - Stephan Cho

Both in her music and public image, M.I.A. is most effective as a provocateur — someone who puts together seemingly incongruous ideas and presents them in unlikely ways.

Review: A Quiet Place

April 12, 2018 - Hannah Lazar

Overall, for me at least, the plot holes and contrivances outweighed what was good about the movie, because they hampered my immersion into this film’s atmosphere and world. It has some amazing scenes, good acting, solid directing and music, and definitely got me tense more than a few times, but the script and plotting desperately needed some reworking.

Review: Ready Player One

April 4, 2018 - Victoria Zhang

Ready Player One offers a glimpse into a thrilling virtual world of endless possibilities, but sorely underdeveloped protagonists prevent Steven Spielberg’s latest film from becoming much more than a flashy ode to pop culture.

Review: Isle of Dogs

March 30, 2018 - Hannah Lazar

Isle of Dogs was definitely worth the wait - it's not as profoundly strange as Grand Budapest or as sneakily subtle as Fantastic Mr. Fox, but it has the same heart that something like Moonrise Kingdom has, which is praiseworthy in and of itself.

Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox

March 21, 2018 - Hannah Lazar

you should definitely watch *Fantastic Mr. Fox*, especially since *Isle of Dogs* is right around the corner. It's charming, very well-animated, and holds appeal for almost anyone who decides to watch it. Happy viewings, and I hope *Isle of Dogs* is just as good, if not better.

Review: A Wrinkle in Time

March 14, 2018 - Victoria Zhang

A Wrinkle in Time attempts to explore the edges of a fantastical universe and the introspective self-confidence of a young girl at the same time, resulting in a muddled experience that doesn’t quite come together despite its heroic ambitions.